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  • Where are you located?
    Studio Provisions is a fully licensed CFO (Cottage Food Operation) by professional Chefs, currently located in Sonoma, California.
  • Do you offer cake tastings?
    Our Signature 12-Piece and bespoke 4-Piece Wedding Tasting Boxes are available to order, designed to be enjoyed as a "To-Go" tasting experience to enjoy at home, preferably with a glass of something special! They are a great option for couples to taste our cakes before booking, as a gift for friends & family, or as a self-indulgent treat. We require at least 1 week notice, and the cost of one tasting box will be credited towards your final balance upon booking a wedding cake. Additional costs apply for tastings with special requests. To book a consultation with your tasting, inquire at
  • Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?
    Yes! Currently, we can accommodate gluten and dairy free, but we do not offer vegan options. If requested, ingredient specific restrictions may be accommodated on a case-by-case basis, but please note we are not a nut, dairy, or gluten-free facility. Though we accommodate dietary and allergy restrictions in our kitchen, and we do our best to keep ingredients separate, please note we do use shared equipment to store and prepare all our baked goods. We cannot guarantee 100% that our items are free from your requested dietary restriction or allergen.
  • How big are your portions of cake?
    Our cake servings are based on the industry standard of 1 x 2” slices approximately 4” high, but tiers are adjusted to accommodate both the design and the guest count during consultation. General Cake Cutting Guides may be provided upon request.
  • What determines the price of your cakes and pastries?
    Each of the cakes and pastries offered are custom designed, using only the best ingredients, so prices vary based on design and detail. Prices shown on the site are base prices per serving only, unless otherwise specified. Cupcakes start at $48 per dozen. Mini cupcakes start at $60 per 2 dozen. Decorated cookies start at $72 per dozen. Wedding cakes average $1000 for 50 guests (usually 2-tier). Any other pastries and confections, including celebration cakes, are priced individually and based on seasonal availability. Please refer to our pricing guide for general starting points: Pricing Guide.
  • Do you do faux cakes?
    Based on your requests, we may design cakes with faux tiers to create a more dramatic effect, regardless of the amount of servings required. The price for these designs vary and will be worked into the final pricing. "Dummy" tiers will not reduce the price of your final cake since they are most often just as, if not more, detailed as the fresh tiers.
  • Do you make sheet cakes to feed additional guests?
    Absolutely! Depending on the design of your cake, it may be too small to feed the amount of guests you have, or may be too large to be made 100% out of cake (this is where the faux cakes come in handy!). Extra sheets of cake can be made to resemble the design of your cake and accommodate as many guests as needed.
  • Can you work with my florist?
    Of course! This is actually a requirement if fresh florals are desired for your cake and sugar flowers just aren't your thing. This is a great way to coordinate your decor and color scheme, and ensure the quality of the florals being placed on your cake. For best results, order flowers specifically for your cake to avoid receiving trim stems.
  • If I send you a picture, can you replicate it?
    As an artist, I specialize in my own unique style and branding so I do not 100% replicate others' work. However, you may send photos to use as inspiration and I will customize your cake to make it your very own utilizing the Studio Provisions style and flair.
  • How far in advance do I have to place my order?
    Because of the detailed and labour extensive nature of our cakes, we do limit the number of cakes we book each week. We recommend placing your order at LEAST 4-6 weeks prior to the date of your event. Though we try our best to accommodate shorter timelines, if inquired any later, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your request. Keep in mind, orders are NOT confirmed until the non-refundable 50% deposit has been paid upon invoicing, accepting all terms and conditions of sale as currently listed on our website.
  • I've sent a request for a quote.  Has my order been started?
    Not quite! Your order is not secure until you accept the contract, receive an invoice, and complete a non-refundable 50% deposit. Once you have sent your info to us for a quote, we will contact you within 1-3 business days to discuss the details. Review our Order Process for step-by-step details. Keep in mind, unless the 50% non-refundable deposit has been received within 48 hours of invoicing, priority for the event date will be given to the next interested client.
  • Do I HAVE to place a deposit to confirm my order?
    Yes. Because we book up quickly, we do require a non-refundable 50% deposit on all custom orders. If you are still unsure about the details, but know you'd like me to make your cake, a $200 booking deposit is also an option to hold the date immediately. All dates are saved on a first booked basis. Final payments to fulfill your order can be made any time up to 1 month prior to your event. Missing this deadline for final payment will result in forfeiture of your order.
  • What payment options do you accept?
    Final payments to fulfill your order are due any time up to 1 month prior to your event. We accept debit and all major credit payments through our site. We will send a one-time reminder a few days in advance, but final payment is the responsibility of the client. If final payment is not made by the invoice deadline, your order and event date will be forfeited.
  • What if I need to cancel my order?
    Things happen, we get that! If you need to cancel your order for ANY reason, the 50% deposit remains non-refundable. Any balance paid in advance of the final invoice deadline will be credited back to you towards a future order that must be used within 3 months of the original order date, based on availability. Unfortunately, due to the nature of our services, cancellations made on or after the final balance date are, indeed, final.
  • What if I need to edit my order?
    At our discretion, minor changes can be made up to 1 month before your event date, but may result in additional cost. Reach out to if you have any questions or concerns.
  • What happens if I miss my final payment deadline?
    We have a strict deadline policy. Your deadline is made known to you as soon as both the contract and invoice are sent out. Signing and making a payment is an acknowledgement that you are aware of our policies and have properly read through all documents. They are also made available on our website. Any delinquency in meeting your final payment deadline is a forfeiture of any deposits paid and your event date. Any balance paid in advance of the final invoice deadline can be credited back to you towards a future order that must be used within 3 months of the original order date, based on availability and at our discretion. Unfortunately, due to the nature of our services, cancellations made on or after the final balance date are, indeed, final.
  • Do you deliver?
    Due to the intricate and delicate nature of our services, delivery and set up are required to guarantee that your items arrive in perfect condition. We charge a base price for delivery and/or set-up, based on distance, and these fees are subject to additional taxes. Any information regarding special requirements for delivery are your responsibility to relay to us. ​ When purchasing smaller or Seasonal Pastry items, your order will be delivered between 9am-2pm on your selected date. Someone must be available to accept the order. Punctuality is a must in respect to our other clients and our delivery schedule. Orders will not be left unattended unless otherwise specified. In such cases, your order will be returned to our studio, and considered forfeited if found undeliverable, or if an incorrect address was provided.
  • Do you ship/mail cakes?
    No. All our cakes and pastries are hand made lovingly by professional chefs and are therefore delicate by nature. Shipment of tasting boxes, bakery-style cookies and decorated sugar cookies may be accepted on a case-by-case basis, through an overnight courier service at the cost of the client. Please inquire at
  • Do you travel for orders outside of Sonoma / Bay Area?
    We love traveling as much as we love what we do! Any inquiries for cake & pastry commissions outside of Sonoma & the Bay Area are welcome, and accepted on a case-by-case basis. Please note, any out-of-pocket expenses, such as travel costs, accommodations and daily expenses will be charged on top of the price of your order and will be included in your contract.
  • Can I pick up my order?
    Our Studio is located in a remote area, not open to the public, usually with limited service. Therefore, we usually include delivery costs in our pricing. Though not recommended for cakes, if you would prefer to pick up, we allow pick-up for smaller order items at a mutually agreeable location in our area. Please inquire at before placing an order.
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